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No matter your target in your marketing efforts, captivating your influencers will drive the measurable metrics you desire. Influencers often have a large social following, and are able to easily sway the opinions, both purchasing and engagement, of your peers. By engaging these influencers, you will be able to ignite your campaign into a viral success, both locally and worldwide.

By offering intellegent and rewarding activities to your users, you will expand your program far beyond expectations. From uploading a photo, to posting when they switch from a competing brand to yours, you will gain both viral traction, as well as consumer trust.

NextBee understands this, and that's why our Social Influencer Marketing platform has this idea baked into it, right from the start. Working with hundreds of brands to achieve unique goals and create compelling campaigns, you are guaranteed to have the best solution available.

Begin the Conversation

By creating a campaign which is social in nature, you are not only tapping your influencers, but by the posts your customers make, you also capture the full attention of your customers, even if they are on the fence about your brand. This ensures complete control of your demographic, and a resounding success to your marketing campaigns and endeavors.

Your options are nearly limitless when it comes to social features and functionality. Offer your users a reward when posting about your brand, and you will see the virality of your campaign begin to take effect.

Reward your users for posting about why they like your product or service, when they have switched from a competitor to your brand, found something interesting or exciting that is related to your brand, and simply getting the word out in blogs, Twitter posts, or even Facebook Posts.

Not only can you create a social campaign targeted toward your influencers, but you can take it one step further by including the option to have a photo included in such posts.

Whether they are taking a picture of themselves in front of your store, using your product, or even a photo of a unique way to use your product, they will upload a comment which includes this photo, and earn points. These points can be used for pre-defined rewards - everything from third party gift cards, entries in a sweepstakes, or even cash rewards via PayPal.

Additionally, you can setup your campaign where other users will vote on these posts and photos, suggesting how many points they think the user should get for this post. Only users who have logged in would be able to vote, making sure that you will get the maximum participation and user involvement possible.

Performance Visibility

NextBee understands that detailed reporting and tracking is essential to any marketing program. With our easy to use admin section you will have complete access to every detail needed to make your Social Influencer Marketing campaign an unmitigated success. View reports by:

  • Social Connections
  • Email
  • Customer Tags
  • Activities
  • The list goes on...

Our software solution gives you a detailed view of not only user engagement, but also on how this engagement drives sales. Furthermore, all your data is stored on our multi-tenant system on it's own silo so if there's is ever a report you want to see that's not in our standard list, simply send your account manager a quick message and they'll get that report out to you straightaway.

Our team genuinely enjoys finding new, innovative ways to maximize our client's marketing and customer acquisition efforts and is dedicated to customer service, comprehensive reporting and, above all else, delivering ROI positive results.

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